Making a Smart Home

For Christmas last year I was given a Sonos:3.  A delicious piece of tech that allows wireless streaming of audio, from it’s selected sources and app.  Being that it is from it’s selected sources, limits what it can play.  I have Mac, iPhone and iPads galore in my house, along with windows devices.  The biggest limitation that i was unaware of, was that the Sonos cannot do airplay.

So after playing music through tunein radio and some other fairly limited sources, i did some interesearch and discovered AirSonos.  A nifty implementation that allows you to select the Sonos speaker as an airplay receiver.

The instructions were simple enough,

  • Install node.js on a computer (i chose an always on, always at home mac server)
  • Install the airsonos app from github
  • Run the app
  • Stream.

Next, I’ll be looking at how I can make it do things with IFTTT.